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New blog!!!

Hi guys

I don't know if there is anbody who still reads my lj but I got a new blog!

So if you wanna read it/follow it here's a link for ya ^^

These last couple of days the newspaper and news station have been occupied with the case of a 16 year old boy who have been attacked and brutally beaten. A day after the attack on the boy happened I saw the cover of the morning newspaper it showed a big picture of this family who just lost their beloved 16 year old son! Because three teenage boys (they are 15, 17 & 18 years old) gave him a severe beating using a baseball bat and a steering-columm lock! They did such a oh good job that the poor boy now is brain dead and the only thing that’s keeping him alive is a respirator.

He didn’t even provoke them or anything! He was just doing his freakin’ job! Delivering the newspaper! Did they do it because he’s a muslim? Because he has a different skin colour? What’s so wrong about having a different faith? Just because you’re not Christian that don’t mean that you’re a bad person!!!! That would mean that I’m a bad person too because I’m not Christian and I have a different skin colour as well does that mean that I deserve to be attacked because I’m not like all others?!

It’s really distressing to know that the attack was a racism one!

I have more or less lived here in Denmark all my life and I have never experienced something that extreme and the few incidents I encountered was more stupid idiots saying things like I should go home to my own country because I’m not a real Dane, teased me with my eyes and hair colour!

But it’s not like I don’t have the equal rights as everybody else! And the guy who said that I should go home to my own country wasn’t even a Dane himself! He was from freakin’ Palestine! So what gave him the right to judge me like that I thought? It was just so ridiculous!

I know that the real world out there can be somewhat cruel and evil but I seriously never thought that the violence you normally see in the US (no offense to all those from USA!) would spread like a disease here to Europe!

But I guess it only was a question of time before things like killing and other serious stuff like that would come here to our little unnoticed Denmark. Just look at all the violence in games, movies, the internet etc.

And not to mention the whole mess in China right now! The Chinese police who’s brutally beating/killing the Tibetan demonstrates! It’s incidents like that, that makes me sometimes despise being born in China! Sure it’s a beautiful country with an interesting culture and history but the government is so corrupt!

I’m seriously wondering why ‘the almighty country’ USA haven’t said anything at all to China? The country who always have to butt in other countries affairs and problems! Where are their balls now?! And for that matter why haven’t Denmark said anything or tired to do anything about it yet?! Is it because many of the stuff we have and things like that are being produced in China?!?! If it’s not that then what is it? They could at least make a statement about it!

I personally think that we should keep our athletes away from OL in Beijing here in 2008! That would give them a clear messages of what we think about the whole killing Tibetans demonstrates!

These things as you all can see clearly pisses me off and I’m terribly sorry for spamming all of your friend pages but I just needed to get this of my chest. 
Well I got to end my rant now I have to help my little sister set up her new laptop she just got for her birthday. 
Once again I’m so sorry for spamming your friend pages!

Yay! I passed my written exam/test in the annual History/Danish report... erhm... assignment thingy! *runs around in circles*
I got the papers back yesterday and I was pretty sure that I almost failed because my History teacher Lone said to some of the girls of my class that everybody had passed but there was a couple of people who nearly failed! I was so scared so I properly looked like this O____O 

So when she was handing the papers out I nearly hyper ventilated and then she mentioned my name I got even more frightened! and then I saw my grade and I was relieved that I wasn't one of those who nearly failed  (;
We also had to talk with her afterwards and she said that my analysis was really good but I screwed some things up in my discussion so that why she only gave my a C (7) and she also said if I hadn't screwed that part up I could have gotten an A (12)!!!! 
Seriously I was so dissapointed and angry at myself but I atleast passed  (..*)

Back in Denmark

Hi guys ^_____^ I’m finally home again~! I had a really great time in Rome it was really nice and the hotel wasn’t as bad as the reviewers had said it was but the breakfast was kinda crappy that’s why Kirstine and I ate breakfast at this cosy café at the end of our street. The American breakfast menu was great and we only had to pay 6 for 2 pieces of toast with butter and jam, a glass of orange juice and the best cup of cappuccino I ever tasted!

The food was incredible delicious especially the pasta *_____* but the pizza was disappointing because they don’t use much topping on their pizza’s like here in Denmark for example.

Oh yeah! I even found a sushi restaurant in Rome it was a really cool place where I ate dinner together with my physics teacher Allan and my Danish teacher Sille.

The food wasn’t the only thing that was incredible in Rome the boys were fine too~ especially some of the Japanese boys >X3! I was a little bit disappointed because I only saw 2-3 really hot Italian boys and I had thought Rome would be filled with them.

The weather at the end of the week was really nice but it was really annoying that it absolutely had to rain from Wednesday to Friday!

And with all the walking we did down there not to mention that we must have climbed over 1500 steps at least I got some really firm calves and thighs now XD! I well somebody from my class had asked my Allan how longed we had walked while we where in Rome and he said that we had walked about 45 km throughout the trip.

Well I really need to finish this so I can study for my chemistry test tomorrow >___>;;;

I'm going to Rome tomorrow~!

Yay! I can't believe that I'm going to Rome tomorow! I can hardly wait!!!! The only downside to this is that I have to get up around 3 a.m. since it's required for me to be at the school before 4:15 a.m.  (-__-;) and not to mention that I will have to catch up on all your entries when I get back XD! Oh well what can you do? Just wanted to say goodbye before I left  ω)

I looove shopping ^-^v

nI just ordered this really cute skirt from algonquins over cdjapan I've been wanting that skirt since I saw it in Kera~! Unfortunately I wont be here when the skirts arrives next week since I'm in Rome and all that. In addiction to the skirt I also ordered some jewelry from Lolita Kisama. Two necklaces (a crystal key and a heart shaped medallon) and one bangle. 
Oh yeah and I also feel much better today so my hopes for getting better before my trip to Rome are really high!

Being sick sucks BIG TIME!

Wow I can't believe that I actually haven't been updated since forever! So I'm really sorry that I haven't read all of your friend entries but I'm working hard to catch up with all the things I've missed these two past week >_< 

Since the start of this week my teachers have gone totally crazy with all their homework assigments and reports and projects just because from next week my class will be leaving for Rome but luckily I've managed to get most of the things done. 
I'm really looking forward to going to Rome even though the reviews on the hotel we are supposed to stay at kinda makes me wanna stay here in Denmark >__>;;; 
Here's one of the reviews on the hotel we're staying at:

"Please do not go there. There are bugs, staff trying to steal stuff, terrible breakfast, shower with no warm water and the staff only gets mad at you when you ask something. Only go there if you really got no better place to stay...

I just hope that it isn't that bad and I really hope that I'll get better before we're leaving next Tuesday! My mom even forbid me to go to school today because I fainted yesterday... I think it was because my immune system is put under a lot of stress because I haven't been able to rest not sleep properly this week and I've been coughing awfully a lot to so that has been keeping my awake for the most of the time. I really being sick since I don't really have anything to do besides watching TV or sleeping I think I'm going to watch some gaze concerts after I've read the stuff I missed on LJ

Random post XD!

OMG! Kirstine just said that Niels looked 'cursed' X'D! 
Well not really but she used the Danish word: forbistrede and it apparently means cursed in English and forbandet in Danish... maybe it's just me that think it's hilarious?

Sushi Go Round! (A really fun game!)

Yesterday I found this hilarious game on miniclip~! And now I'm absolutely addicted to it (^-^)V

I was kinda bored at the end of the Education Without Borders convention here in Aalborg and I had already been to all of the lectures I wanted to hear and in between the lectures I talked with the representatives from Copenhagen University and Aarhus University about their medicine, Japan studies and China studies I asked if it was hard to be accepted to one of the courses etc.

So together with my bestfriend Kirstine I went out to the main hall where two computers was located and it was only allowed to be used by the guest in Aalborg Congres & Culture Centre and while Kirstine ckecked her message on myspace and since I couldn't log in my LJ because they had this stupid filter that prevented me! After my failed attempts on loggin in my LJ account I decided to waste some time by playing a coulpe of games on miniclip...

click on the lj-cut to play the game~!

Sushi Go Round~!Collapse )

Ode to math

I just found the song my best friend Kirstine wrote in a VERY boring math lesson last week lying in between my chemistry notes XD! btw it's in Danish and here is a lovely picture of the genius behind the song  


Djævlens værk aka. Math - written by Kirstine 

Hvis jeg blot var et andet sted 
Hvor cosinus og sinus ikke hører med 
Hvor jeg ikke skal tænke på ekponentielle funktioner 
Men bare kan tjene - en masse dejlige kroner  
Hvor der ikke er noget der hedder fejl 
Hvor det høje bjerg er knap så stejl 
Og hvor INGEN skal have karakter! 
Og få lektier - fler' og fler' 

Hvor vi kan drømme om bomber og bier 
Og alle vores andre dejlige fantasier! 
Hvor vi to bare kan hænge 
Jeg håber, at det ikke være så længe!

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