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I'm such a clutz!!!!

Waaahh~! It was so embarrassing today when I had to talk with my banker about getting a new credit card and some other stuff as well!!!!
the usual things like how I should be aware that a credit card is a big responsibility and all that. 
Anyways back to the topic I was standing there right next to my banker with a cup of hot cocoa in my hand and I had to sign some papers and the next thing I now I accidentally spilled cocoa all over the left sleeve on my jacket! 
The only thought I had running through my head was "Somebody please kill me now!" and he was so helpful offering me paper so I could prevent my jacket from getting any wetter. 
Did I forget to mention that my bankers really hot? 
So when I finished cleaning up my sleeve as much as I could I practically ran out of there afterwards!





I actually can't believe that I got a driver license now! I passed the test!
Incredible since I was so convinced that I had failed the test completely, but I actually handled it pretty well according to the instructor!
So I've been pretty musch happy-go-lucky all day, which kinda frightened my siblings since I'm usually all like bitchy and really mean because I don't get enough sleep since I'm a juinor at high school and use most of my time studying  (-__-;)

Well anyways.... I hope that everybody had a great christmas and happy new year!

Oh yeah, before I completely forget it I got my hair cut as well, but I don't really like how it turned out
gonna post some pictures later though....

I'm finally 18 now~~!

Weee~! I'm now a adult! Well legally XD!
Yesterday was my 18th birthday! I was really surprised that my parents bought me an iphone! 
My best friend Kirstine said here oday that she couldn't be my friend any longer because I had an iphone and she didn't have one >X3!


Meme thingy!

I snagged this from yamisama

1.Go to the Wikipedia home page and click "random article" (in the menu on the left). That is your band's name.
2. Click random article again; that is your album name.
3. Click random article 15 more times; those are the tracks on your album.

Band Name: Assassin
Album Name: White blackberry

Album Tracks:
01.New England Monthly
02.Hibiki's Magic
03.Codex Mariendalenis
04.Romeo + Juliet
06.Maria Magdalena
07.Sugar packet
09.The Virgin Queen
10.Annie Get Your Gun
11.33rd Street
13.Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis
14.Cherry Mash
15.Princess Royal Hospital


My parents are so frustrating!!!!

The J-rock invasion thingy in Cologne, the one were I was supposed to attend? You guys remember that right? 
Well my parents just said that I couldn't go! WTH?!?!?! I've been looking forward to that concert ever since I found out about it!
and NOW I can't go!!!!!!!

Tsk, tsk, tsk Kirstine


Well today we had to play with dices in my physics class, which was really fun btw but it was really noisy! try imagining 3 x 96 dices! I just wanted to scream after the first 10 rounds of throwing the dices!!!
So by the end of the lesson we all collected the 96 dices to the 3 boxes they originally were stored in. 
I noticed a dice under one of the chairs and I asked Kirstine if she wouldn't pick the dice up for me, since I had a somewhat short skirt on and I would feel uncomfortable, if I had to bend down and pick it up. The next thing I know Kirstine suddenly blurts out: "But I haven't got anything under this skirt" and I just cracked and started laughing really hard! She of course meant that she didn't have any leggings or pantyhose beneath her long skirt unlike me xD!  
It's typical for Kirstine to say things like that because doesn't always consider how to formulate the sentences and therefor they often get a whole different and wrong meaning!

Picture Spam~! Part 2

I just found some picture from my build a hot air ballon day XD!

Pictures of me and my best friends~!Collapse )

Meme thingy!

I got nightmare (ナイトメア) from xjinxchanx

Comment on this post and I'll give you a band. You have to put your 10 favourite songs by that band on your LJ and challenge others to do the same. 

1. Dasei Boogie
2. Nazuki
3. livEVIL
4. the WORLD
5. Shian
6. Varuna
7. muzzle.muzzle.muzzle
8. Tokyo Shounen
9. Believe
10. Akane


Physics can actually be fun O_____O

It's unbelievable long time since, I last updated my blog, but recently I've been busy with designing costumes for the annual musical and other school related stuff 
and I really never thought that I would admit this, but seriously physics can actually be lots of fun! Well sometimes.

My teacher Allan decided, that since we were going to stay until 21:30 today it would be for the best if we all ordered pizza, so we could get something to eat before we saw the movie about the two famous physics Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg, and it was actually a very good movie too but then again it is produced by BBC and BBC productions is usually very good. 

Here's a link to a synopsis of the movie if anybody wants to know more about it:

Well after wards my grandfather Bendt came and picked me up, and since I knew that my friend Kirstine lives on the country (Gjol), I asked him if we could take Kirstine with us to the bus terminal here in Aalborg. He said yes, but he suggested that we took her home instead so she wouldn't have to take the bus and wait 2,5 hours to get home.

Well I'm off to bed now goodnight~! and sweet dreams everybody~!


The GazettE Fanproject Berlin 2007

I just found my contribution for the Gaze koncert in Berlin, so I decided to scan them and post it in my blog.
Now that I actually have time on my hands to look at them I kinda regret that my Kai portrait was so rushed ( ̄▽ ̄;)! But sadly I didn't have any more time...

Pictures under the lj-cut as always

Portraits this way~Collapse )

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